Hi, I’m Jo, a Mindfulness Teacher

And welcome to Like a Circle

You’ve just made the first step on your journey to greater calm, clarity and contentment – or as I call them, the 3C’s. And with the 3 C’s, comes greater happiness, freedom and confidence.

Mindfulness is far reaching and can help with many of the difficulties we face day in, day out. Rather than trying to change or control our lives, it helps us take a different, kinder approach so we can navigate our challenges more skilfully.

So my question to you is, ‘How Can I Help You?’

  • Are the demands of life leaving you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted or struggling to cope?
  • Are you tired of the negative self-talk and feeling anxious, like you’re not good enough, trapped, alone?
  • Do you put everyone else first and leave no time for you, struggling to find your happy place, wrung out?
  • Perhaps you feel stuck and disconnected?

It’s ironic that in a time where we are constantly being told to ‘be kind’, the one person who we are hardest on or forget about is ourselves. When was the last time you were kind to yourself? When did you last acknowledge something positive about yourself, congratulate yourself for a job well done or did something new, without a second thought, ‘just because’?

The good news is you CAN learn to navigate those negative feelings and emotions, you CAN learn to be kind to yourself, and you CAN be happy and live life to the full. You already have everything you need and I’m here to help you unlock it through mindfulness.

You’re welcome to have a click around the website to find out more or book some time for a chat – I’m always happy to chat.

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