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Hi I’m Jo, the founder of Like A Circle and lover of all things mindfulness (and chocolate and wine but that’s for another day!)  I’ve been practicing mindfulness since 2017 and I remember it being mentioned to me many times before I finally gave it a try.  I tried it a couple of times but didn’t stick at it and then it was on a family holiday that I decided to meditate every day, and something just clicked.  I couldn’t articulate what was going on or what I was feeling but I knew it was doing me a lot of good and I’ve practiced daily ever since.

So how does mindfulness help me?  I think most people would say I’m happy and confident but in truth, I’m full of self-doubt.  I’ve succeeded in my chosen paths because I work hard and put myself under a lot of pressure – not because I’m ambitious but because things are never ‘perfect’ and I always think that other people are better than me.  On the flip side, there are also plenty of things I’ve talked myself out of trying because I’ve worried about what other people would think of me or that I wasn’t good enough.

As I got older, with more responsibilities, I easily became overwhelmed, anxious and a massive overthinker – about everything.  The problem with overthinking is that the most unlikely scenarios I was coming up with felt so real that I started to believe them as the truth, which in turn increased the anxiety.  My body started to show physical signs of stress, which became another source of worry and without realising, I was in a downward spiral.  Practicing mindfulness has helped me to let go of this unhelpful thinking, creating more mental space and resulting in more calm, clarity, contentment and happiness.

Like I said, I didn’t click with mindfulness straight away but once I did, I just wanted to learn more and becoming a teacher was a no brainer.  I’ve never felt more confident about anything I’ve done, than I do about teaching mindfulness.

Do I still get stressed and anxious?  Yes I do and always will because that’s life.  Mindfulness is not about changing anything or achieving anything. It’s about letting go.  So now, I can spot the tell-tale signs and I know how to work with my emotions rather than against them.  Challenging times are far more manageable than they used to be and even just knowing that is incredibly liberating.

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